Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company

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Why Do You Want To Use An Appraisal Management Company?

An appraisal management company helps you meet your compliance needs related to the appraisal process.  Consistent appraisal costs are important for ongoing compliance to Reg. Z and RESPA.  You can even allow officers or employees to sign in to the website, place an order for an appraiser and let us handle the rest.

We conduct an annual review of appraisers and create an approved appraiser list.  To be an approved appraiser, our appraisers must be certified/licensed in the State of Missouri, must not be under disciplinary review, and must provide us with the following documentation:
  • Copy of their license/certification
  • 3 sample appraisals
  • Copy of appropriate insurance coverage
  • List of references
In addition, appraisers must answer a series of questions that support their qualifications to contract with Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company as an approved appraiser.

When you sign up as a client, we will provide you a compliance packet that you can provide examiners to assure them of your ongoing compliance to the regulatory requirements.

All you have to do is register your financial institution online.  Complete the Management Agreement  and set up a payment method.  The add end users to your account and you are all set to go.  We can even set up the end users for you.

We will activate your account within 1 business day and  you can begin ordering appraisals at your convenience.

Q: Do I have to sign an exclusive arrangement with Pinnacle?
A: No.  We do not require exclusivity.  We hope our services earn your ongoing commitment and loyalty.

Q:Do I have to order a minimum number of appraisals?
A;No, we have no minimums.

Q: Do I get to select my appraiser(s)?
A: No.  The goal of the management service is that we will make the selection for you and it is always an arms length arrangement.

Q: Can I contact my appraiser?
A:  Yes.  Once the appraiser has been assigned, you will have their contact information per your instructions in the Management Agreement.

Q:What is the process of ordering an appraisal?
A:  You log into your client account, enter your information, such as property address, date needed, and any comments you want to make to the appraiser.  Each of our approved appraisers get a notice that the appraisal is pending and they will pick up the order IF they are able to keep the commitment you requested.  You will then get a notice the the appraisal has been assigned and who the appraiser is.  We will then begin to monitor the appraiser.  Are they submitting their progress on the website?  Are they keeping to the agreed upon timeline.  A draft of their report comes to our management team for cursory review and is then released to you.  You may set up as many as 3 people to get copies of the appraisal.  You can even set up the borrower to get an electronic copy to assure they receive their copy.    

Q:How do you disclose the appraisal to the borrower?
A:Our price structure is posted.  You pay us direct and we pay the appraiser.  We do retain a small portion of the fee you pay for our management services.  We will provide you what the split is when you arrange for management services.  

Q: How do we know the GFE costs within 3 days?
A: We will keep the fees consistent, so you can establish easy to follow steps for ongoing compliance.  A standard appraisal order will always be the same cost to you and the management fee will always be the same.

For additional questions, please call me direct at 314-803-6593. To know more about my affiliates, go to