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Our Fee Schedule

This list includes all our services.  If you need services that are not in our order form, please include the request in the status message box on the order page.  We will get back to you within 1 business day.

Service To Be Provided
All appraisals are Summary Reports unless designated otherwise
Consumer Residential Properties
1004 Full
Single Family Residence $350
  FHA Appraisal (Single Family Residence) $375
 USDA Appraisal (Single Family Residence) $375 
  Mobile/Manufactured Home $350
  Mobile/Manufactured Home with Land $375
1004 Full Rural Property $375 minimum
1004 Full Complex Custom Single Family Residence $450
1073 Full Condominium or Townhouse $375
2055/2065 No Cost Approach $300
  Drive-by Exterior Only with Estimated Value $300
1025 Duplex, Owner Occupied Single Unit $375
1032/2000 Field Review $300
2006 Desk Review $125
  Farm/Agricultural Appraisal $375 minimum
  Letter Report $300
  Narrative Report $450
Commercial Income Producing Properties
  Single Family Residence including Rental Income Statement $400
  Complex Customer Single Family including Rental Income Statement $475
1025 Duplex, Non-Owner Occupied with Operating Income Statement  (2 units) $525
1025 Tri-plex or Four-plex, including Operating Income Statement $625
  Land Only-Non-Income Producing $350
  Land Only-Income Producing including Operating Income Statement $475
  Rental Survey and Operating Income Statement $300
  Desk Review for multi-family is $150                                                                                                                                                                                       
Other Services
  REO Appraisal-Single Family Residence $350
  REO Appraisal-Multi-Family Residence $400 minimum
  Estate Appraisal Report $300
  Other Property Types and Out of Area $400 minimum
Miscellaneous or Other Fees
  Interim Construction Inspection $100 each
  Certification of Completion $100
  Additional Comparable Sales $50 each
  Additional Trip Fee $100
  Rush/Priority Fee-Please allow 72-96 hours $200
  Cancellation Fee (after inspection) $150