Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company

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Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company Privacy Policy

Two words: 100% confidential.

Any information that you submit to Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company, whether by email, through a submission form, or any other means will be kept strictly confidential, now and in the future.

Confidential customer information you enter on our website, through email, or fax will not be shared with other companies.  We will not sell your information or any confidential consumer information.

Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company shall not use Client names in advertising or disclose to any party the mutual relationship without permission of the Client.  The Company shall cause each of its employees, associates, and appraisers in its network to sign an agreement of confidentiality of consumer information.  

The Company understands it obligation to compliance related to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and to the Client commitment to its customers and consumers for the protection of their confidential information.

Consumer information shall be limited to only what is necessary to conduct an appraisal.  Information shall be provided by the Client through a secure internet portal and all information utilized in the creation of the ordered appraisal shall be limited to non-confidential information that is readily available to the public, such as the consumer's name, address, phone number and property address.  As required to conduct the appraisal, a copy of a signed contract to purchase will be provided in the event the financing is for purchase and not re-finance. 

In the event there is a breach of confidential consumer information, the Company shall upon discovery, immediately notify the Client with regard to the effected consumers and the information was breached.

Affiliate information: Pinnacle Appraisal Management Company is owned by Ace In The Hole Management, LLC.  Affiliate relationships include: Ace In The Hole Management, LLC, TellerTEMP, and Telecom, Computer, and LAN Services, LLC.